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Greater flexibility and mobility

It is a basic advantage but it should not be omitted from mentioning it. Teleworking allows you to create flexible shifts and work from anywhere in the world as long as you have basic technology (computer and internet connection). This opens up a huge range of possibilities for you as an employee and entrepreneur, you can combine your working day with trips and stays in other places, training, etc. Thanks to the time you gain and the ability to connect literally from anywhere. This flexibility is usually most appreciated by those workers who really appreciate their free time and further training, as well as their freedom and responsible and autonomous development. And these workers are often the most valuable as well.

Higher productivity

With telecommuting, interruptions (at least those coming from the company and its employees) are reduced to a minimum. Telephone or email contact is usually carried out only when necessary, so that the worker will dedicate his day to being truly productive, also encouraged by the fact that, if his work is for objectives, the sooner it ends, the sooner he will be released of your workday. Coffee breaks, cigarettes, moments of unproductive conversation with colleagues, ... disappear, with all the advantages that this implies for both the employer and the employee. Concentration increases and, when there is the right degree of responsibility, it is normal for the quality of work to increase accordingly.

Access to a wider range of job opportunities

This advantage applies to both employees and employers: when physical distance is no longer important, nothing prevents you from hiring someone who usually lives on the other side of the world. The same applies to the worker, who can opt for offers of his interest even if he lives in a remote place or even if he constantly changes cities. It is a plus of freedom that plays in favor of both parties, they can ally without geographical distance being a determining factor in their relationship.

More free time and better work-life balance

It's no secret that when we have quality free time and live stress-free, we are happier, and also more productive. Not only that: those of us who are capable of producing with our minds at peace live much better. The human being is not designed to function like a machine: he needs rest to be creative, to fix knowledge, to let the brain work and open new paths.

In addition, this process is different for everyone: there are people who work better in the morning than in the afternoon; people who work better with intensive days and others who respond better to intermittent cycles of intensity and rest... In short, each individual is a world, and teleworking allows, in general, maximum flexibility in this regard. In addition, it allows us to save time for activities of our liking, as well as to spend more quality time with our families or friends (or with the invaluable company of a good book, pet or a good movie).

Less work absenteeism

Working from home seems less 'working' than working from an office. In fact, when we feel bad, sometimes we ask to work from home because that way at least we will have the comfort of home at hand. For this reason, when we telecommute, we tend to miss work less. Literally, we have it more difficult not to work, because we have it much easier to do it. In addition, cases such as the coronavirus show what we already know: that offices often become a focus of infections and contagions, motivated by the proximity to other workers and customers in the absence of a correct ventilation system, poor cleaning of carpets...

Reduction in the number of work accidents

In line with the above, working from home drastically reduces the number of workplace accidents, mainly because we are less in danger from the comfort of our surroundings (which does not necessarily have to be our home, but it usually is). Travel by car is reduced, contact with physical elements of the company that can make us sick, too.

In cases such as the coronavirus, it should be remembered that, if a contagion occurs in the workplace because the company has not adopted any preventive measure, this contagion will be considered a work accident, and there will be a surcharge for lack of measures of security of the benefits that the Social Security pays for the illness. The company could even face penalties for it.

Cost savings

The fewer workers in the office, the less office. Teleworking allows the fixed costs of the company to be reduced because it does not need such a large space, or spend so much electricity, water, or supplies in general, and even have a real location on the outskirts of the city or in a town, or perform such large or frequent cleanings. Part of these expenses are indirectly assumed by the employee, and expenses such as allowances, gasoline, vehicle maintenance and their corresponding taxes (road tax, registration tax, mandatory vehicle insurance, mandatory vehicle technical inspection, etc.) disappear, less pollution for your city... Only the item dedicated to computing could be higher, although normally this formula more than compensates, paying for itself in a few months.

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